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 Remember that hot environments are very harmful

to your tanks, battery units, and e-liquids. The heat

can deteriorate your battery cells, cause leaking issues

in your tanks, and even cause liquids to become sour.


Don’t worry about rushing to drop your nicotine

level, everyone has his or her own pace!


 Don’t try to wash out coils, this can result in

contaminants collecting in your coils and being



Keep your tank clean by rinsing it with hot

water - usually done when it's time to change a coil.

Don’t use soaps, as these can leave behind a film that

will contaminate e-liquid.


Have fun with vaping, but remember there’s a time

and a place for cloud chasing!


Sand, dirt, and drops can destroy tanks and battery

units. Make sure to keep your device clean and safe!


 All devices have a weak point where the tank

connects to the battery, be careful of putting these

devices in pockets, backpacks, purses, etc. Not only

can they accidentally fire, but if they bend at that

connection, it could damage both the battery unit

and the tank!


If you are using a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

(RBA, RDA) or a Rebuildable Tanking Atomizer

(RTA), please check your resistance rating for your

battery unit! Building too low is dangerous and can

overload the battery!


Always remember that we are here to help!

Trusted advice from Master Vapor experts

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